“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous” – Bill Moyers

Great ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s only when they’re translated into reality and reach the people it’s intended towards, there is a sense of satisfaction.

Hi, I’m Nandan Vartak. I am passionately curious and multitasking is my middle name. With a vision to MAKE IT HAPPEN, I decided to give wings to my dreams and start Vartak Business Ventures. An endeavor to accomplish a feat in various spheres propelled me towards starting this.

With Core Digital Solutions, my team and I aim at crafting an extraordinary experience for your clients online using the most sought-after practices and tools. From designing user-friendly websites to offering creative content writing and branding services, we work to unleash your brand’s potential.

Despite my zest to deliver immense value with our digital marketing wing, the artist in me wanted a shout-out too. Growing up, art has been an eminent part of my life. I believe art binds people together. With this idea, Artshopy was incepted. A platform to exhibit, showcase, and sell my works of art.

While passion has been my driving force, the urge to help another person has also taken me places. That’s where the idea of Stock VOX came from. Having completed a course from Buffett Platinum Coaching Program, I wish to share my learnings and expertise with people around me who want to foray into the world of shares and global trading but lack the required finesse. I believe, at the opportune moment, everyone can do it. 

If there’s anything interesting you’d like to discuss, email me at  nandan@vartakbv.com

You can reach me at +91 9821426789

Core Digital Solutions: www.core-digitalservices.com